Ervin & Agel

Rags to Riches from Digital Minds on Vimeo.

I had a blast shooting this piece. The couple wanted something a little bit different from the usual pre-wedding video. So we did a rags to riches movie highlighting Ervin’s passion for cars.

The concept was developed with make-up artist Jessie Glova and fashion/wedding photographer Joseph Ong. Our “actors” willingly obliged our every whim during the shoots and went all out. In the end, it was all fun.

We used DSLRs with cranes and sliders during the car shoot. Wow, this is how weddings are made nowadays. A far cry from what it used to be only several years back. The industry is morphing into what is called Wedding Cinematography and as an event videographer, Digital Minds embraces this concept as an extension of our creative expression.

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