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The Prizefighter

This is a showreel of an actor with martial arts background. Very ideal for a toughy character and the likes. We gave it a bio/movie trailer look to complete the effect. Heads up all you producers!

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Here are a bunch of guys who have experienced the love of Jesus Christ and are just ‘overflowing’ with his life. Check out Overflow. Every Wednesday 7pm at the Citichurch center.

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Dodong’s 70

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Joran & Richelle

Hey you in Dubai and other part of the world and the Philippines who could not make it to Joran & Richelle’s wedding. Here is the next best thing to being there. : )

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JB & Chesa The Bavarian Tour

Close your eyes and take a magical trip to medieval Germany. Where you find castles at the foot of the Alps and cobble stone streets of ancient walled towns. Where apples and plums ripen in the trees untouched and majestic cathedrals rise up to the sky. All these with your friends gathered from all over […]

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Dave & Frei

Cheers to the lovely couple from down under Dave & Frei! : ) That was a wedding with class executed flawlessly by Wedding Prelude’s Shirley Ong. Photo by Rock Paper Scissors.

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Miss Southern Leyte 2011

Announcing the new Miss Southern Leyte 2011! Our cameras were once again trained on the beauties that dazzled the evening. Here’s a teaser.

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Rowell & Dhina: Onsite Video

Check out Digital Minds’ onsite video for Rowell & Dhina Uy. A college romance that finally blossomed into this beautiful wedding. Eleven years in the making. Congratulations you guys! : ) Planning and coordination beautifully executed by Jan Tan of Debuts & I Do. Wedding Photography by Roy Ramz.

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Arvin & HeeJin

Here is a romantic beachside wedding in Mactan. Another merging of cultures by the Filipino groom and his gorgeous Korean bride. Event Planning by Evan Fermin and Photography by Steal Shots. Everything was just perfect if not for Shangri-La Mactan making us wait an hour and half in the security area. This isn’t the first […]

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