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Raymond & Karen: The Proposal

Three weeks ago I got a phone call from out of town from a seemingly ordinary guy. Excitedly, he bares a daring plan to pop ‘The Ultimate Question’ to the unsuspecting girlfriend. He would have done so in a simple manner but the friends and sisters urged him otherwise. Why not do it in a […]

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Elwin & April

When you propose you want it to be emphatic. You want to be taken seriously. You want to say it out loud and make yourself heard loud and clear. You want it to be an unforgettable experience and make sure you wont get no for an answer. Elwin found us on the internet. He was […]

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Gian & Chesa: The Proposal

What do lawyers do when they fall in love? They propose. Just like everyone else. So here is one actually caught on camera with his compañeros as accomplices. Beware Attorney Gian, the penalty for such an act is a life sentence. The hapless victim Chesa was led on to a secure location in Crimson Resort, […]

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