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The wedding in Germany

A fairy tale. That’s what this wedding is. I still can’t believe I went all the way to Germany to document this fantastic event. My profound thanks goes out to our couple Jb & Chesa. You can’t begin to know what this trip means to me and the rest of digital minds. The wedding was […]

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JB & Chesa The Bavarian Tour

Close your eyes and take a magical trip to medieval Germany. Where you find castles at the foot of the Alps and cobble stone streets of ancient walled towns. Where apples and plums ripen in the trees untouched and majestic cathedrals rise up to the sky. All these with your friends gathered from all over […]

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Angel & Xiao

Have you ever been stalked in your life? This video portrays a mysterious guy and a paranoid girl. Turns out the real stalker is no other than the bride herself. Talk about twists. : ) We had fun doing this piece. Hope you enjoy watching.

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Jove & Analyn: the wedding trailer

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Dave & Frei

Cheers to the lovely couple from down under Dave & Frei! : ) That was a wedding with class executed flawlessly by Wedding Prelude’s Shirley Ong. Photo by Rock Paper Scissors.

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