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Christian & Julie

Here is a beautiful garden wedding. The video did not originally have an SDE but the couple decided to get one at the last minute. Digital Minds dutifully complied and here is the result. Hopefully, it was a decision they did not regret. The song is from Christina Perri. Happy New Year everyone!!!

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Egbert & Diane

Egbert & Diane on their wedding day.

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Erick + Elsbeth

Singapore based architects Erick & Elsbeth were married right after Christmas. So it was a continuous celebration for us. Thanks guys and merry christmas!!!

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Joran & Richelle

Hey you in Dubai and other part of the world and the Philippines who could not make it to Joran & Richelle’s wedding. Here is the next best thing to being there. : )

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, , , , , , 60s TVC

Here is another TVC made by Digital Minds. Technology is fast catching up on us. Quite a surprise to find a Cebu based forward looking company riding the internet wave. We are glad to be a part of this pioneering endeavor. Hands on from conceptualization down to the final script is the guy at the […]

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The Stalker

I did not forget to post this video. It’s just that my vimeo account expired and my upload quota was reduced to one HD video per week of which I already used for the onsite video. But I can’t wait till tuesday to upload this and I’m pretty sure a lot of people won’t either. […]

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Jeff & Resel

Thank you Jeff & Resel for having Digital Minds do your wedding video. We enjoyed every bit of the work we did. We are touched by your warmth. I say it was one of the best weddings we ever shot.

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Kenneth & Leslie

College sweethearts Ken & Leslie ties the knot after 7 years. He was a rising basketball star on his way to the PBA while she was the campus beauty and brains. A practice accident abruptly ended his pro basketball dream but Leslie cheered him on to find his place under the sun. Stories like these […]

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