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Melvin & Jen

Is it possible to have two versions of a love story? Yes. It depends on the perspective of the storyteller. In this case it is the bride and groom. For Jen, it was a college romance but for Melvin, it was a fairy tale. No matter how it began, the ending is the same. The […]

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Marlou & Giselle

Planning & Coordination: Bo Almendras Photo: Rolando Pascua Video: Digital Minds

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Alyssa’s Debut: an onsite video

Alyssa turns 18: a debut onsite video from Digital Minds on Vimeo. I am very excited to do this piece because this is the first time we are doing an onsite video for a debut. And also first time to use a macbook pro for onsite editing. I’m a PC guy so this is going […]

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