Gino + Trina

Our first post quake Bohol wedding. The evidence is still visible as we stepped out into the pier. The wide cracks on the pavement and the damage on some of the building catches your eyes and you wonder how the locals must have felt when it happened.

I was surprised to find out that Panglao did not shake as much as the rest oh Bohol and so spared us and the couple of the pain of cancellation.

This was a beautiful beach wedding. Things that had been kept unsaid for years were released and am sure took a lot of courage. That day I saw forgiveness and acceptance in the family. The whole ceremony was just overflowing with love.

Beautiful pictures were taken by photographer Marlon Capuyan, event planning by Marigold of Silver Bleu Events. Everything was held on the picturesque South Palms Resort in Panglao (formerly Bohol Beach Club). I took note of the very good service and would recommend the resort for destination weddings in Bohol.

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