Carlo & Johanna

Yolanda was the biggest storm to hit the Philippines this year. And it happens on their wedding day of all days. The winds started misbehaving early morning. By mid day the raging storm revealed its full strength -Shaking if not pulling trees violently and dismantling roofs piece by piece. Amidst all this we were shooting the prep. Business as usual. As the realization dawned on everyone that this could be catastrophic, it was decided to move the actual wedding the next day. Everyone thought it was an excellent idea. And so we started where we left off the day before and shot the wedding just like we did a hundred times past.

First time working with planner Carlo Abaquita who ‘weathered’ the storm and gave us a beautiful wedding. Dondon Colinares did the photography. Ramil Solis did the hair and make up. Ever funny Rommel Pareja hosted the evening’s celebration.

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