Raymond & Karen: The Proposal

Three weeks ago I got a phone call from out of town from a seemingly ordinary guy. Excitedly, he bares a daring plan to pop ‘The Ultimate Question’ to the unsuspecting girlfriend. He would have done so in a simple manner but the friends and sisters urged him otherwise. Why not do it in a moviehouse? In front of so many people with a video intro right there on the silver screen to boot. Yea why not? So he flew in to Cebu with one of the mastermind sisters to meet with the videographer (thats us digital minds) to execute ‘the proposal’. Now this really got me listening. But before we went further I just had to ask about his chances getting an affirmative answer. I mean, we don’t want to this thing to end in ‘tragedy’, right?

So we planned to the last detail including the shirt he was going to wear on that day and the all important timing factor. He even got the permission of the parents (in law to be). Brought some of his close friends to Bohol to witness the event. Everyone was involved. We are excited because although we have shot several proposals in the past. We’ve never done one in a movie house. Now I can boast we got 3 cameras inside despite the anti-camcording law. We even got the theater personnel as accomplices. As for Raymond our guy, there is no turning back at this point. So he had to deal with several sleepless nights contemplating this ‘madness’. Will he pull it off? Watch the video.

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