Kirk & Hester

Gorgeous couple Kirk & Hester. Funny I was corresponding with Hester a few months back I thought I was emailing the groom. Lo and behold Hester turns out to be the beautiful bride. Originally planned as a garden wedding reception in Chateau de Busay, the rains soaked the venue in the afternoon. Well it still turned out great. It’s really more of the people rather than the place if you ask me. Make up by Wenwen Zaspa and Photography by Rock Paper Scissors.

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One Comment on "Kirk & Hester"

  1. Joey
    30/08/2012 at 4:19 am Permalink

    Thank you so much for covering our wedding. This SDE is really, really beautiful. All the shots are candid and truly reflect the emotions and moods of the people. You did a great job!!!

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