Peter & Carmel

Mr. Nice Guy Peter has finally tied the knot. He is everybody’s friend especially the photographers and videographers in Cebu. Where did you get your camera? Chances are you got it from that little shop in Baseline. That’s where everyone goes to and has made PRG Photoshop a de facto converging point for hobbyists, amateurs and pros alike. But even if you take away the store you will still be left with Mr. Nice Guy. I’m sure his best man would agree.

So from a guy who practically knows everybody in the industry, it’s an honor to be asked by the couple to do their wedding video. Thank you Sir Peter & Maam Carmel. Photography by Mark Cantalejo.

Best man Lito Inso made a surprise appearance at the reception. Earlier this year, he was diagnosed with cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy. Yet despite that, he came to deliver his piece. He went back to the hospital shortly after his speech. What a friend!

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