Parklane TVC

Although we’ve done countless corporate projects in the past, this TVC is special because this highlights the city that is close to our heart. Yes call it old fashioned patriotism or even regionalism. We have that and we’re not ashamed. We lost no time to work on this piece. After several days of shoot and not so few lunches at Manuel’s, we came up with this.

And now, the final 60s Parklane TVC is here. This was done in collaboration with director Kaloy Uypuanco and Parklane’s MARCOMs Manager Jaybee Aquino. It was launched last July 12 on the 5th anniversary of the hotel with great fanfare I should say.

Parklane is unique in its thrust to put Cebu and its heritage on the international spotlight. And being homegrown Cebuanos, we are glad to be a part of this project. Expect to see more of the TVC on your local channel. Way to go Parklane! Way to go Cebu!

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