Mel & Joyette

Fun. That’s what this wedding was all about. The theme was a unique Filipiniana. Even the ceremony was in ‘Bisdak’ (here with translation for the curious). But the bride and groom were rockin’ & rollin’ all the way. Now that’s attitude. Cheers baby!

Wedding Photography by Allan Restauro. Wedding Cinematography by Digital Minds.

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2 Comments on "Mel & Joyette"

  1. Joey
    Mel & Joyette
    29/05/2011 at 12:29 am Permalink

    To Joey and the rest of the “sirs” in Digital Minds,

    Thank you very much for this wonderful and fun onsite video. We really, really love it. Our friends and family, too. We salute your professionalism and creativity. We are very pleased to have known you and to have worked with all of you. Looking forward to the full video… 🙂

    You have truly made Cebuanos proud for having such great talents like you. All the best to your team!


  2. Joey
    29/05/2011 at 3:17 am Permalink

    Hey! Anytime! : ) what’s digital minds if not for couples like u.

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