Kaloy & Em’s Onsite Video

Kaloy & Em Onsite Video from Digital Minds on Vimeo.

Our groom didn’t mind baring his skin in front of the camera. And he did it for the sake of art. Nice tattoos, Kaloy! : )

Honestly, I was a bit pressured doing this video. Kaloy is one of the best young directors in the industry today having collaborated with other artists to do a number of highly successful documentaries and indies. Even Em I learned also came from Bigfoot. So imagine my anxiety.

But I was glad to realize that both ‘talents’ are very at home in front of the camera which made it a lot better for us. Even little Ava was a natural. It must run in the family.

Guys, this is your big day. Thank you for making Digital Minds a part of your wedding.

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