Wayne & Pia

Wayne & Pia from Digital Minds on Vimeo.

Here’s a lovely wedding in Bohol. Wayne and Pia exchanged I do’s at the historic Baclayon church. A fantastic reception was held outdoors under a giant acacia tree at the seaside Lawis Cafe. The evening celebration was reminiscent of a hippie gathering where everyone dressed the part.

As a finale, The guests were treated to a paper balloon releasing where the evening sky was later filled with bright yellow specks floating lazily away. The locals must have wondered what they were.

Shot entirely with canon dslrs (5d and 7ds), the colors are very saturated. Stability and focus remain a challenge for the all-manual operation of the cams. The footages however, have more latitude in terms of color correction and grading.

Event styling was flawlessly executed by much sought after wedding planner STANZ CATALAN. Photography by no less than MANGO RED and wedding cinematography by DIGITAL MINDS.

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