Juree & Daisy: Instant Onsite Video

Instant Onsite Video: Juree & Daisy’s Wedding from Digital Minds on Vimeo.

Well after we began shooting the prep when the bride decides to get an onsite video. For a minute I was undecided if I should try or decline. We did not bring the laptop and extra crew with us but after considering, I took the challenge and drove back to the office to get the necessary stuff to conjure the magic.

Fast forward to the reception, we showed the video on time with minutes to spare. Though I was glad we pulled that off, it was too close for comfort. I’d prefer the decision to do an onsite be way before we start shooting.

Beside that, the whole event went on flawlessly ending with the bride and groom happily dancing the night away at the City Sports Club ballroom . Thanks to event planner EVAN FERMIN and her staff who executed perfectly.

Congratulations Juree and Daisy!!!

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