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Molo & Tors: The Short Film

It used to be when guests got a kick watching couples holding hands by the beach on a sunset thick with romance and full of hope. That was a pre-wedding video. That was then. Today, it’s a whole new ball game and couples keep upping the ante. With tools becoming more accessible, pre-wedding presentations are […]

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Patrick & Oya: Lost in Time

Here is a masquerade/carnival inspired pre-wedding video shot in practically half a day with less than 2 weeks to edit before the big day. I’ve always wanted to do a period piece so when Patrick and Oya decided on this theme, I really got excited. I was torn whether to preserve the rich colors of […]

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Joshua & Phoebe

With just two days until the wedding we decided to combine the pre-wedding video with the SDE. The tight schedule did not dampen our excitement to edit the footages which were partly shot on the neighboring islets off Cebu. I had the thrill of joining the couple on a 10 minute helicopter ride right after […]

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Melvin & Jen

Is it possible to have two versions of a love story? Yes. It depends on the perspective of the storyteller. In this case it is the bride and groom. For Jen, it was a college romance but for Melvin, it was a fairy tale. No matter how it began, the ending is the same. The […]

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Adrian & Shelley

What great timing to release this video on valentines day. I’ve been dying to share this video but did not want to preempt the groom. As everyone knows, Adrian is an inspirational speaker and host who has done hundreds of weddings and corporate events so I am honored to do my friend’s pre-wedding video. I […]

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Gian & Chesa: The Proposal

What do lawyers do when they fall in love? They propose. Just like everyone else. So here is one actually caught on camera with his compañeros as accomplices. Beware Attorney Gian, the penalty for such an act is a life sentence. The hapless victim Chesa was led on to a secure location in Crimson Resort, […]

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The Stalker

I did not forget to post this video. It’s just that my vimeo account expired and my upload quota was reduced to one HD video per week of which I already used for the onsite video. But I can’t wait till tuesday to upload this and I’m pretty sure a lot of people won’t either. […]

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Kenneth & Leslie

College sweethearts Ken & Leslie ties the knot after 7 years. He was a rising basketball star on his way to the PBA while she was the campus beauty and brains. A practice accident abruptly ended his pro basketball dream but Leslie cheered him on to find his place under the sun. Stories like these […]

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Melveen & Irma

Great couple who know how to celebrate life. Cheers you two!

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JB & Chesa The Bavarian Tour

Close your eyes and take a magical trip to medieval Germany. Where you find castles at the foot of the Alps and cobble stone streets of ancient walled towns. Where apples and plums ripen in the trees untouched and majestic cathedrals rise up to the sky. All these with your friends gathered from all over […]

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